Milan Greeters are volunteers who will share their love for the city with you in an enthusiastic and hospitable way.

A Greeter will accompany you around the city and help you experience Milan in a unique way.

For those traveling alone, families, friends up to a maximum of 6 people: a truly enriching and absolutely free experience!

All Greeters follow the strict rule of not accepting tips.

The Greeters are not tourist guides, but simple locals who, through a 2/3 hour walk, show “their city” to those who come to visit Milan, how each of them lives it, how it moves, what fascinates them, maybe stopping together for coffee, just like they would with a new friend.

Greeters do not enter museums and all exhibition venues, they do not have organized tours at set times and the tour depends on the availability of a volunteer.

Greeters do not follow a predetermined itinerary and if during the walk they understand that the visitor likes to see or do something different, they quickly change the plan in the direction of interest shown